Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Xan 3D FIN!

FINALLY done with this kid! XD Ill have some more shots of this guy later. Im sure people want to see front and back of em. weee! time to move on to different projects :D

The Other Brothers Contest

Some Characters I did for “The Other Brothers” character Facebook challenge. Ive recently been having alot of fun doing quick 16-bit sketches and i HAD to try my hand at this competition. If I win m ycharacter wil go in their game! Check out their stuff, their game looks fantastic! Also be sure to vote for me please! These kinds of games are what made me fall in love with this industry. I would LOVE to see what they do with one of my creations! UPDATE: Im BEHIND in votes! I woke up and checked the polls. Apparently aaron got almost 100 votes while i was asleep! Please do anything you can to make sure people come the site and vote for me! The Other Brothers