Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I nicknamed the Gal Poe after the ghosts in ocarina of time.
Experienting with my rendering style. Lots of lighting and surface tweaks. wanted a sexy greasy feel. but not too much. ill probably do a couple of different iterations for the rendering. some more painterly and loose than others. This will be going into zbrush as well. Ive already started fleshing out her story and got some great ideas from my friend Maddie. Check her work out here http://www.koko-san.blogspot.com/
Hint: itll have something to do with martial arts and demons

Monday, June 13, 2011


Just a quick doodle at work.
We have photoshop friday art jams sometimes and the theme was megaman. i googled fat megaman and found a neat pic to base a sketch off of.
originally i only had 30 minutes to work on it and submit it. i spruced it up a bit. took another 20 minutes on it to clean up some edges and experiment with lighting.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Life Drawing at Carbine

Organized by awesome Jon Jelinek. He got this cool old dood to pose for us for 2 hours. I was absolutely amazed bu his ability to return to his pose after 3 short 5 minute breaks. even the folds in his clothes remained in tact. skilllllllllz

Obsessed with this Haircut

Ok LAST old work post. I promise.
I want to reshare this wip turnaround because
A. I will be doing a 2D concept of the full character in a much mroe inspired 2D style that you folks arent use to seeing from Ol Betel. Ive met alot of extreme talents at my new job and I have to anty up. Character design is my passion. So i gotta rep. woop woop!
B. I absolutely love this haircut. I draw it alot on random chick characters and I feel it needs a nice finished body to live on.

this speed culpt was done in a little under 2 hours. the poly paint is what slowed me down honestly. Had to reintroduce myself with those Zbrush tools..
I really feel that polypainting is a bit aways from being finished.. there is no master opacity jitter for the color application. it really bugs me. I feel like im painting with mspaint on a 3d model. Its great for a basic base to start on. But im still loving 3D coat for more refined detail. and photoshop for touch ups.

I still dont know this girls name. I dont know where she lives. I dont know what she does. But I know she will have awesome hair. and awesome boots to stomp your face in. i might even mold her story into a past character. who fucking knows! You will in a couple of days!
check back soon

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Favorite Fighter ever

So right before moving to Cali, I was participating in Polycount's Brawl Challenge. The concept of this contest was to redesign entirely your favorite fighter character from any fighting game. I chose Yoshimitsu. He has always been a favorite of mine. I believe it is his eccentric nature, unique fighting style, and original design that compelled me to redesign him. Also... space ninja? come on.... bad ass.... and he stands up for all that is good in the world... while LOOKING like a demon. so cool...

So I didnt have time to flesh him out in 3D, but here is a semi rushed 2D concept. Someday I will poop this guy out in 3D... someday

steampunk yoshimistu GO!@
complete jimmy rigged lightsaber and steam powered giant fist of doomage

Xander From Zee

So one of my biggest regrets at the moment is not being able to work on "Project Zee" an indie game that myself and several other artists have been developing under the name 13th skull productions over the past years. (right now 13thskull.com goes redirects to artofgon.com) i was told to change the name of my portfolio because it sounded like a virus
I am so satisfied with how the story and game play has fleshed, and will never let the concept truly die. I really believe that someday soon we will pick up production again.

Project Zee is based off of several characters that were originally created while I was in college. The game is loosely based within my favorite subject matter. Dreams.
It will be a homage to old school gaming with a new school graphic twist.
Some day folk. Some day.
The name "Project Zee" was inspired by a good ole friend Adrian Saylor. I believe if i do remember correctly, it was his idea to call the world Zee. I thought it was clever and very observant of him. I think it was him that pointed out that I used Zs alot as a tag in my work.

This is Xander. He is the highly imaginitive hero of the story. He is infact the main character, but not the character that is played throughtout the most of the game. He is the host that grounds the playable spirit of Gutter to the physical real world. Gutter travels through Zee. Battling the Anu space demons that enslave the minds of many.
Xander or Zan is a collector and a trickster at heart. He is guided by Amas in the teachings of their ancient ancestors. Lots of mayan influences there. Look for more later ;P

gonna paint some normal maps for this bad boy

Working in Richmond

So right before moving to California to venture into the videogame industry, I was freelancing in Richmond, Va with several different clients. I did T shirts for Jinx clothing, did some low poly models/textures for Sparkplug Games, and I worked as a general production artist for a marketing firm called Eastwood media. While working with Eastwood, I was tasked with a wide range of work including, t shirt designs, flash adverts for website, comic book pages for a modern spin on Little Red Riding Hood, background and characters for an Ipad game marketed towards kids, character designs for the local Baseball team's comic starring their Mascot Nutzy the squirrel, and wallpapers for ipad/iphones.

Here is my favorite piece that I did for them.
Its Santa and Nutzy kickin some Grinch ass... normally I would be rooting for the grinches. BAH HUMBUG.

Part Deux

Eve- Done for an open house gallery event called Artists of Eden in Baltimore. Very much inspired by the artists audrey kawasaki, stunt kid, and the model/erotic dancer sara ecks. A very good friend of mine named Jessica Esper
invited me to showcase/sell some digital works at a semi urban open house gallery setting. Had loads of fun talking first hand with some fans and even opened up to break dance a bit. Thanks Navix for the dance moves ;D
and thanks Jess for the invite. Miss ya


Hey there ghouls n gals. Hows eternal life treatin ya?
Im back from the dead and ready to ooga booga boogey woogie. call me crazy legs.

Ive been quite negligent of this blog for some time, but now I see this is a much quicker way to be a tad informal/slightly more informative. Not as many people follow my blog, so I am more comfortable sharing a little more of whats in my head on some of these designs.
Please excuse the art dump of a few old ghosts. These demons just wont rest. They claim they'll liven up the room, so ill give em the chance to shine again.

I hand picked some of my favorite old works from my new portfolio and will spit a bit of fire on the hot topics.

Speaking of spitting hot magma.
Heres a pic Spitfire. An old concept for a personal project code named "P13"
She's a engineer bar brawling engineer tattoo artist that hangs out at the infamous "Bad Apple" outside of the core in the Lost Sandz. A dessert world that doubles as graveyard/ dumping zone for the ashes of the fallen city citizens.

She can normally be spotted talking to Whowolves in scatter junkyards, asking about airplane engine scraps, or tattoo the toughest lost sanderz at the bad apple. for a hefty price.