Friday, June 10, 2011

Life Drawing at Carbine

Organized by awesome Jon Jelinek. He got this cool old dood to pose for us for 2 hours. I was absolutely amazed bu his ability to return to his pose after 3 short 5 minute breaks. even the folds in his clothes remained in tact. skilllllllllz


El Fro said...

Looks just like the man!

Unknown said...

That's ERL. (Just E R L). He's a staple in OC/LA area. I've drawn and painted him dozens of times, usually with Steve Hampton as the instructor. Great job on this. You totally captured him. (and not the prince albert he's hiding under the robe.)

Max Gon said...

hahahaha you nailed it man. thanks! hes such a cool dood had to do him justice.