Friday, June 10, 2011

Obsessed with this Haircut

Ok LAST old work post. I promise.
I want to reshare this wip turnaround because
A. I will be doing a 2D concept of the full character in a much mroe inspired 2D style that you folks arent use to seeing from Ol Betel. Ive met alot of extreme talents at my new job and I have to anty up. Character design is my passion. So i gotta rep. woop woop!
B. I absolutely love this haircut. I draw it alot on random chick characters and I feel it needs a nice finished body to live on.

this speed culpt was done in a little under 2 hours. the poly paint is what slowed me down honestly. Had to reintroduce myself with those Zbrush tools..
I really feel that polypainting is a bit aways from being finished.. there is no master opacity jitter for the color application. it really bugs me. I feel like im painting with mspaint on a 3d model. Its great for a basic base to start on. But im still loving 3D coat for more refined detail. and photoshop for touch ups.

I still dont know this girls name. I dont know where she lives. I dont know what she does. But I know she will have awesome hair. and awesome boots to stomp your face in. i might even mold her story into a past character. who fucking knows! You will in a couple of days!
check back soon

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