Thursday, June 9, 2011


Hey there ghouls n gals. Hows eternal life treatin ya?
Im back from the dead and ready to ooga booga boogey woogie. call me crazy legs.

Ive been quite negligent of this blog for some time, but now I see this is a much quicker way to be a tad informal/slightly more informative. Not as many people follow my blog, so I am more comfortable sharing a little more of whats in my head on some of these designs.
Please excuse the art dump of a few old ghosts. These demons just wont rest. They claim they'll liven up the room, so ill give em the chance to shine again.

I hand picked some of my favorite old works from my new portfolio and will spit a bit of fire on the hot topics.

Speaking of spitting hot magma.
Heres a pic Spitfire. An old concept for a personal project code named "P13"
She's a engineer bar brawling engineer tattoo artist that hangs out at the infamous "Bad Apple" outside of the core in the Lost Sandz. A dessert world that doubles as graveyard/ dumping zone for the ashes of the fallen city citizens.

She can normally be spotted talking to Whowolves in scatter junkyards, asking about airplane engine scraps, or tattoo the toughest lost sanderz at the bad apple. for a hefty price.

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