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Pixel Poqo Hero

Very much inspired by Hyper Light Drifter Also check out the kickstarters for Mighty No. 9 Shantae and River City Ransom 2!

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Chrono wip

started up another 30 day art post challenge! Will be posting ery day for 30 days. This is some blocked in poses for

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Hero Guy

sooo tired lol! ill have more info on this guy laters :D wippity wips.

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More Substrata. made a female armor set out of Murms" Shar cahracter. check out his work!

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The Ahyahs are my twist on the cyclops. They are traders, scavengers, and necromancers. They are normally seen rummaging through garbage looking for potion ingredients. instead of using a cauldron to mix the potions they need for necromancy, they use their stomachs as beakers. when their bellies are completely burned away they shove a study pot for mixing into the empty cavity. Within this world trading is a heavy theme. it is natural for a wood creature to trade their dead as a natural resource to a stone creature. the ahyahs and other dark beings use the dead they receive from trading in very unorthodox ways.. they are very secretive and this makes the natural beasts and humans very uneasy.

Monday, May 6, 2013

its like science and shit

noodled away at this in the art jam tonight. Plumpkins run wild in the world. They have no interest in being planted. As they grow they become fascinated with the sun and sharp objects. Eventually their bark is infested with bugs that shape their bark into armor for Tornmight. As a Tornmight, the creature begins to experiment with magic. They eventually learn a spell that simulates sunlight. With this spell they grow out their bark like flesh into intricate shapes for their new armor. The most well crafted Foak become an inspiration and admired by the rest of the tribe. As the best magic wielders and crafters, the Foaks with the most beautiful armor become candidates for tribe chieftan. The wisest spellcrafters are able to learn how to create petrified pistols that use the bark eating bugs as ammo and the sun light spell to propel them. its like science and shit :p

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More Substrata!
Some tree monsters that the matchet hunt for resources and magical properties. im playing with the possible idea that these particular ones have been experimented on with dark magic o-o
they evolve like the pokemons!

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The Machet Rootchus are a nomadic tribe that hunt wandering tree spirits for resources and magical properties. 
Some rough concepts for Paul Richard's Faux game art book. check out the details here!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Punk Rock Jungle

So yeah... This started out as a really rough sketch that was supposed to only become a somewhat comic feeling illustration... I wanted to keep things simple and maybe do 3 tones only... and i was hating it for a reallllly long time... after getting a ton of crits from friends in google hangouts i ended up with this. hope you approve.

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broken ladies and shapes

sketch group n stuffffff.

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Rage Quit

derpin around. brushin off some 2d cobwebs. this is a dude. ragin o-o

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wewt Hoot

omg this took way too longggg. XD