Sunday, September 20, 2009

GDC in Austin

Well just got back from GDC , and i have to say i had a great time in Austin. Gotta thank Ralph Pacheco for helping me out and telling me about this event. He even gave me a grand tour of the city. Austin is a kick ass place. I would be very comfortable living there. I must have walked through the city streets for 5 hours at a time just feelin at peace and digging something new. Talked to a good number of artists in the industry. Showed some work to Mario Piedra; art director at Cartoon Network, and got some great feedback. Also got some excellent advice from Peter Konig from Valve. My favorite dudes to talk to was probably the guys at FrozenCode Base. they were pretty damn cool, and had some really funny vid up of this bunny drummer dude. a local legend in Wisconsin. pretty much everyone tells me to stick with what i do best; which is the more exaggerated cartoony character work. This doesn't mean i wont be doing other styles and environments, just means a majority of my work will be in that realm. i need to develop a style of backgrounds for the exaggerated characters i develop. Ill be taking my friend's advice using less texture and refining the forms of the objects in the environment to create a clear render. its tough to adapt sometimes... but i gotta lay off the damn texture.

Gotta alot of work to do and jobs to apply to. wish me luck.

heres some work i did to show at GDC

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