Monday, July 11, 2011

Isi Namid

This is infact the same character from the previous post. Her tentative name means deer star dancer. visually i was going for a burning man mononoke vibe. her hair is going through some growing pains. thinking about having her wear some hair extensions or they might be natural dreads branching off of possible a faux hawk.
The outfit design is basically final. I will only make minor changes to it NEED TO MOVE ON lol. As you can see I did several different quick sketches of this character befoer coming to the final design at the top of the pages.
Also I would like to note that the masks were heavily inspired by Francisco Ruiz Velasco . I saw some sketches of mask concepts he did for hell boy 2 recently. I watched the movie JUST to see those masks... They were each in ONE scene for about 2 seconds... FAR in the background. I was very saddened by this and chose to create a clan of masked fire spinners to accompany Isi. The 3 other masks are roughs of what im thinking for em.

Isi Namid trains her fire spinning skills to mask her fighter spirit. Martial arts training is banned so she learns fighting in dance form. Her abilities have no connection to magic initially.... but she soon finds that her haunting past has the ability to evolve her technique into something else entirely. :P