Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Xan Redone

So recently i've been using all my time as wisely as possible. I know i have a tendency to jump around personal projects alot and i seem to never commit to one. This time however I have every intention on fleshing this out to the end. I tok some feedback on one of my favorite characters named Xan. Many friends were stating that he looked kind of hill billyish. With this in mind and some inspiration from Garret Hanna; I recreated the character to be more old school videogame oriented. This was ALOT of run to design and paint. Making this dood really sent me back to my childhood. Playing old school videogames for hours and hours. Enjoying the intricate 8bit melodies. The songs so catchy that you just couldnt stop humming them for days. Games that were fun to play, fun to explore, and sparked inspiration.
Turns out Garret and I out share a passion for old school games and music. We have been 8bit jamming for the past couple of weeks using various plugins and listening to alot of nindendo melodies. We have decided to join forces. I've made about 9 different 8bit beats and chose one to flesh out a bit to sort of tease those that are interested in what ive been doing with all my free time. Do have a listen and tell me what you think. thank you!

ps- sorry for all those people who i dissappeared from. ive been very busy doing what i love ;D


El Fro said...

I don't see a post for today yet.

Max Gon said...

im workin onnn itttttt

Gillibean said...

I love your painting style. Asolutely beautiful! Great blog! =D

Max Gon said...

ah thank you! i lvoe your work as well! i will be watching!