Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Hero

The hero. In his world.


Garrett Hanna said...

turned out awesome, my man.

Gillibean said...

Heehee this guy is so coo. I lvoe your painting style. It seems quite popular there at Carbine studios but I think its great! Who is your inspiration? Thanks for stopping by y blog =D

Max Gon said...

oh thank you so much :D
carbine artists are hand picked to be into this type of renderign i suppose. ive def loearned alot from artists here like Mr Garret there and studying peoples work like Mindy lee and andy cotnom/ cory loftis. but my biggest inspiration style wise is Jamie Hewlett, old school Videogame art, ashley wood, Edouard Guiton and Tim McBurnie :D
and your welcome. i love your work as well and would love to know who inspires you.