Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Big headed

alrighteh. so im calin this face done for the time being. i feel that i stayed true to the original concept of the character. i did try to paint some more detail in the teeth but it jsut was not looking right. i will probably revist this after i get the rest of the character built. it took alot longer than i intended because i have been recording each session in Modo. I plan on editing the footage and creating a beginners course tut on how to use Modo. running camtasia while working in modo was screwing over my framerate in modo. luckily i just bought more Ram.... so i should be able to multitask bettererer.... theoretically.. expect my next update to have much more of this dood done. planning on dumpster diving my folders and frankensteining the rest of this character to completion. O__O


Letícia said...

i'm loving it! it's modelled for games, right?
I think I never modelled anything for games before ;A; I'm afraid to even start *by myself* I have no idea how it works yet XD it sounds like a lot of fun though!

Max Gon said...

thank youuuuu! technically it is a video game model. about 4300 tries with his body n all. if you are interested in creating optimized 3d models for games you should join polycount :D they have so many great artists there ready to help :D its not that hard. you just look at other peoples wireframes of their characters. study how their edge flow goes. its just connect the dots XD

benjamin trobat -cartoonist- said...

me encantan tus trabajos, quiero ver mas!