Sunday, January 1, 2012

pink ladies n 2012

Reworked a quick paint over i did late last year of the redesign of mary. name is tentative until i can think of something i like more. this is basically a kid version of a character i created in college. i used the same color scheme as the original concept. its pretty damn close. i might show you guys sometime. it was a quicky and had alot of issues that i just now go to. for one, i did not like how thin she looked. a lot of people have been telling me that Xan looks kind of girly. i didnt want to change him much so i figure introducing what a girl character looks like will help differentiate the two. i figured i should start the new year fixin some rushed mistakes! shes a princess but a tough cookie! lemme know whatcha think!


Gillibean said...

Put this lady on some wheels and shed be a bad ass Roller Derby girl! Cool colours! =D

Max Gon said...

ahhhhhh what a wonderful idea! i can make her semi jet set radio futurey! thanks!